Women wearing Vanessa Martinelli

For women who appreciate classical beauty of the highest quality and also seek out pieces that reflect their own unique positive energy.

Vanessa’s clients live in Geneva, Tokyo, New York, and many more different places in this world. They might seem culturally wide apart but they all have greatest similarities: all of them are women with a purpose, have a sensitive soul and a rocking personality. They are modern women, with a romantic heart and a warrior drive.

Vanessa’s clients love the designer’s jewellery because they can wear these pieces effortlessly, sparkling on their skin as they go through life dreaming, searching and living life joyfully.

Vanessa’s clients are mostly distinguished by their positive energy, the sparkle in their eyes and the inquisitive minds toward the world. These modern women are going after their dreams; whether it’s career driven, love and/or family, or wild adventures… each and every one of them is totally different and going in a variety of directions. These are women who live their lives fiercely to the fullest, being true to themselves and their missions. They are amazing women who will always make time for the people they love.

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